About Us

We established CREAMAGNA CHEMICALS in 2010 in order to make the best of our thirty years experience and knowledge in specialty chemicals. The rebirth in this field where we have struggled for a long time has paved the wave to reach the target we've dreamed. We are standing for becoming a global brand within a very short time with the technical joint venture with our American and European partners and vigorous staff. Our biggest support is the faith and trust to ourselves.

Nihat Keskin
General Manager


Manufacturing liquid penetrant and magnetic test chemicals from nondestructive inspection equipment in accordance with the standarts of both our country and developed countries at the highest quality level. Enlightening our customers about this field. Expanding and extending the usage areas. Solving the problems of our industry about this issue. Improving the quality and the confidence during the manufacturing and maintanance periods. Moreover, contributing our country to reach the level of developed countries.


Branding by letting our company rank foremost among its competitors both in our country and this geography and signing for big projects by becoming an important company in this field.

" Every innovation brings new hopes and new opportunities. "
                                                                          Nihat KESKİN